The best way to polish our pieces is with a muslin buff and a polishing compound. Red rouge works good on most brass pieces. If the piece is enameled, try a sample to make sure the polish will not hurt the enamel. Avoid polishing the enamel of a piece if at all possible. You can damage the enamel.quiet Press Pol1 Although we use a motor mounted buff smaller ones are available for drills and for rotary tools. Another possibility is to use a commercially available brass cleaner such as brasso or any bathroom fixture cleaner. These will clean and polish bronze, but are not as effective as the buff method.Quiet Press brassoJPG There are also many dip jewelry cleaners available. Some of these work well on enameled pieces. Try a small sample first to see if the dip might harm your enamel first.
Quiet Press jewelry dip 1Quiet Press jewelry dip 2
There are also available cleaning cloths with red rouge on one side and a fine polish on the other side. Again they are not as effective as a buff, but can be a good inexpensive alternative. We will be offering these cloths for sale for $4.00