I started in the SCA in the spring of 1972 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I never imagined  when I began that I would have created so much.  Originally we were travelling the 450 miles to the Baronies of Atenveldt, (Phoenix, AZ) or Caerthe (Denver, CO) for an event every weekend. 

We would pick up what knowledge we could and take that home to share with our friends who could not travel!   We built up several articles for the local newsletter which eventually became our first publication, The Pleasure Book, which was the first book length guide to the SCA.  The first books I published were held together with rings, as I could not find someone to bind the books in such small numbers.  

After that first success we published several other publications that helped fill a need for information in the SCA including books on costume, games and armor making.  These were all well received and eventually I was awarded the Order of the Pelican for my work in the SCA.   I was called up and made a member of the Order of the Pelican and given a beautiful medallion.  Later I was told I would need to return the medallion, because it was the only one in the then Principality of the Outlands!  This would have to change!  Another need in the SCA needed to be filled.  

Thus began our first forays into the art of making jewelry!  The first few pieces were cast in an introductory jewelry class.  OK, they were awful, full of pits and voids!  But we took them to an event anyway and offered them along with the books I was selling at the time.  You know what?  People loved them!   In the SCA I have also been recognized for my work in fighting and the arts.   I was the first person offered to become a Knight of the Society of Creative Anachronism in what eventually would become the Kingdom of the Outlands. 

Since the offer was made in the Barony of Atenveldt at a crown tourney, I would be Knighted at our big local event of Grand Oudlandish Tourney the following May.  Before that time, in Atenveldt, all Knightings had been done on the field, the moment the offer was made.   Since I would have some time, this allowed me to have a Vigil.  I believe this was the first vigil held in the SCA before a Knighting, it certainly was the first one in the Kingdom of Atenveldt! 

In the morning of my vigil, with the morning star showing in one quarter of the cross of my vigil, 2 birds flew through another quarter and then I had my heraldic arms, Argent, a bend Vert, in chief a compass star Vert, in base, two hawks, volant, afrontee bendwise sable!  

I also have received the Order of the Laurel for my work in the arts and became the first triple peer in what would become the Kingdom of the Outlands!